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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sungai we come

Elysius, Rey, Jason and I went to Sungai Jipun this evening at around 4pm - 730pm.

Very high expectation when we saw the river for the first time.
All of use were using the bottom fishing technique. I used other rod with my seahawk's popper but felt quite tired after a few minutes of popping. Got no fish at all for the first two hours. My 50lb line putus 2 times, Rey and Elysius once each. Didn't know what fish was that. Piranha maybe...... Felt tired. Jason was still in the process of getting use to his fishing rods and reels. Wish him all the best of luck. Hope to see him fishing for ikan todak one day..... Went to another spot....I managed to land a small ikan batu ( stone fish ) hehehehheee.....very small. After afew minutes, it was Rey's turn to land another 'stone fish'. Those were our only catch for that day.Here are our 'stone fish'.....
After about two hours of fishing, felt tired. The mosquitoes were attacking all of us. Cannot tahan ooooo.....planned to go back at about 645 p.m. Saw an orang kampung there landed an ikan merah. excited and we forced ourselves to continue fishing. Got nothing. Finally we decided that it was time for us to go back. Just a few seconds before that, Elysius successfully landed an Ikan merah which was about 1.45kg with his RM15 lure.

The ikan merah landed with a RM15 lure.....mahal oooooo.....but very cheap according to Jason. "I bought it at RM21.00/kg in Giant,"Jason said.....hehehehheee
Elysius with his Ikan merah

Elysius holding his ikan merah with Rey 'interpremmmm' at the back.

We'll be back.....