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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Overnight fishing in Kretam.

Have been dreaming of getting a Spanish Mackerel for quite a long time. So, Adzry and I planned a trip to Kretam two weeks earlier. Faced a lot of problems organising this trip and I won't be planning any trip like this again in the future.

Date : 30-31 July 2011
Time : 9am ( 30 July 2011 ) - 9am ( 31 July 2011 )
Place : Kretam
Boatman : Bahri
Cost : RM1250
The members of the trip include myself, Adzry, Bob, Jason, Edrian, Vensaid, Andrew, Assan and Murad. There were not many pictures taken as there were not many good catches for this trip.
Bahri the boatman
Vensaid with the first catch of the day.Vensaid with his 5.5kg yellow fin barracuda
Edrian with a pink ear emperor
Adzry with a 5.31kg barracuda
Adzry posing with Bob's 'selipar'
Adzry with his 'pisang pisang'Assan with another pink ear emperor
This trip ended up with myself and Andrew having no catch at all. While the others had to be satisfied with only a few small sizes fish and best of all, I had finally got the chance to take a picture with this Spanish Mackerel caught by Bahri the boatman.
Having no plan of going for any overnight fishing trip again for the time being, here, my Saltiga and my Slimmax bid farewell for overnight fishing trips. Thank you for the fun and laughter shared among all the anglers.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taganak - Binawan waters

Date : 17th July 2010
Time : 7.30am - 5.00pm
Location : Taganak - Binawan
Boatman : Botak Jack
Cost : RM1600
Haven't been fishing for almost one and a half month. So, a trip to Binawan was planned. Followed Botak Jack. The members of the trip were Bob, Fendy, Amiludin, Andrew, Jason, Ustaz, Halim and myself.

Botak Jack's 400hp speedboat
Jason and Ustaz
Myself and Fendy
Jason preparing the bait
Fendy with his first catch of the day-a 800g red snapper
Fendy in action
Fendy again with a 1kg coral trout
Botak Jack with a 'weird' fish.
Andrew with another coral trout
Jason with another coral trout
Jimmy with a 2kg sweet lips.Bob with a 2kg red emperor.A moray eel by UstazSome of the highlights in our trip today.
The scenery along our way to Taganak - Binawan waters
Our combined catch.
My catch
a GT
Japanese red
Red snapper
Pisang pisang
Silver bream
baby fish
It was not a successful trip. We will be going to Kretam on the 30-31 July 2011. We expect the catch and the fight in Kretam will be better than this trip.