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Monday, February 21, 2011

Taganak-Baguan trip 2011

Date : 20 February 2011
Time : 7.30am - 4.40pm
Boatman : Akong
Cost : RM1450
Went to Taganak and Baguan area with Bob, Jason, Jepp, Bakry, Andrew, Juini and Amiludin. All of us had a very hard time fishing as the current was quite strong. This was our first deep sea fishing trip for 2011.

On our way to Taganak - Baguan
The drunken anglers
My first golden snapper weighing around 800g.
A 1kg red snapper.
My bonus catch of the day- a 750g catfish.
Some of the scenery on our way to Taganak - Baguan ocean
The anglers after the trip.
Jepp with his RM185 grouper
My catch.
Very unlucky for Andrew as he was not able to get any fish in this trip. We'll be going to Lankayan on 12 March 2011 following Jack. Hope for a better catch for all of us.