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Sunday, April 18, 2010

2KG Snakehead in Sandakan?

Saw this funny price tag in Indah Aquarium, Mile 4, Sandakan.

Flower Horn RM480 - 1 tails - ? 1 TAILS????
Pirana RM9.50 - 1 tails - ? 1 TAILS??????
Bakry, Jepp, Harun @ Real Snail and myself went to Taman Airport. Met Harun for the first time. We tried our luck to cast for snakehead. Harun managed to get a solid hookup on a baby snakehead and for the rest of us, we've got nothing. The baby snakehead was released.
Harun @ Real Snail.
Taman Airport. Went to my father-in-law's house at about 8pm. I was shocked to see this 2kg snakehead. It was caught by my uncle in mile 8, Sandakan. I was quite happy to know that big snakehead still exist in Sandakan. Hope to be able to cast for a 2kg snakehead soon.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trolling in Sungai Beruang

My first trolling experience.
Went to Sungai Beruang with Jepp, Yazid @ Mayong and Rustam @ Mayaboy today from 7.00am to 430pm. Met Arbakin @ Arlia and his nephew there. This trip was being planned a few weeks earlier.
My weapon for today's trip - Daiwa Freams 4500J and Shimano Slade 4000fb.
Arbakin, a very hard working boatman. Those who want to do trolling in Sungai Beruang, should contact him.
Heading out from the jetty in Sungai Beruang.
The weather, current and water were good today but we were unlucky to get nothing for the first few hours trolling until Arbakin got his first catch.
Arbakin with his 1kg Mangrove Jack.
Arbakin's Halco 125 Red Hat, was attacked by this predator.
The weather was hot. We rested for about an hour before we continued trolling.
We stopped on an island.

Arbakin's 1kg MJ being smoked.
The smoked MJ.
The 'finishing touch' of our group.
After the rest, we continued trolling. I was attacked by this 500g baby barracuda.
Mayaboy was also awarded with this 500g yellow fin barracuda.
Mayong posing with Mayaboy's barracuda.
It was a very good experience trolling in Sungai Beruang. I was hoping to get a Borneo Black Bass or a Mangrove Jack but being awarded by the 500g barracuda, I felt satisfied. Will surely go trolling in Sungai Beruang again.