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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lankayan was unreachable

Date : 27 March 2011
Time : 7.00am - 5.00pm
Location : Lankayan
Boatman : Botak Jack
My first trip to Lankayan two weeks ago was cancelled due to Tsunami in Japan. Few days ago, Botak Jack phoned me and asked whether I still want to go to Lankayan. The answer was surely a YES. This time only myself and Amiludin went together following the Forestry Anglers. The weather was bad - heavy rain and rough sea. We managed to fish only for less than 1 hour before we took shelter in Selingan Island and few minutes after the rain stopped, we went back. We didn't manage to go to Lankayan but we fished in Bakungan instead.

The dark cloud before the trip.
Bakungan Island.
My catch - a pair of 600g and 500g red snapper.
Golden snapper weighing 450g and 500g
Groupers weighing 450g and 500g
My bonus catch - a Pulau Bai's baby grouperIf not because of the bad weather, we would surely get more fish there. I managed to get all those fish on double hook up. Will surely follow Botak Jack again to Lankayan.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Facing the Tsunami trip.....

Date : 17 March 2011
Time : 7.00am - 4.30pm
Boatman : Kim Sui
Location : Berhala Island
Cost : RM40/pax
Went to Berhala Island today with Jepp. Live prawn was hard to get this morning. We had to wait until 8.00am to get enough live prawn. We started fishing only at about 9.30am due to heavy rain.

My total catch for today - 2.5kg
Jepp with his catch -2kg.The heaviest catch I've got- a croaker weighing about 400g
Jepp playing with his giant bait - a tiger prawn
My catch
Jepp with his bonus catch - a golden snapper
My bonus catch - a stingray.
The current was quite strong today. Jepp and I experienced the worst seasick we've got in Berhala Island. Will surely go to Berhala Island again once the weather and current are calm.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Abu Record 50

Trip to Lankayan was canceled due to bad weather. While waiting for another fishing trip, I managed to grab this beauty.With 6.3 : 1 gear ratio and 15lbs maximum drag, hopefully I will get a challenge from the fish here in Sandakan.