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Monday, September 17, 2012

Taganak-Baguan-Pulau Burung 170912

Date : 16 September - 17 September 2012
Time : 10am ( Sunday ) - 8am ( Monday )
Boatman : Tikea
Location : Taganak - Baguan - Pulau Burung
Cost : RM2400
Members of the trip: Myself, Jesnin, Jason, Andrew, Kwong Ying, AndiMax, Ustaz Ismail & Ustaz Razali
Planning had been made for this overnight trip to the southern Philippine a month earlier. As the date drew nearer, the weather was not good. We almost cancelled our trip.
Tikea 200hp X 2 speedboat
 Ustaz  Razali, Ismail and Andimax
 Jesnin, Andrew and Kwong
 Posing before going onboard
 We managed to import a very dedicated and hard-working angler from Kota Kinabalu's FISH HUNTER- Jesnin.
Myself, posing with Jesnin.
 Jason and Ustaz Razali
 Andrew, Andimax and one of the jangkarman.
 One of the legendary boatmen in Sandakan, Tikea, with his bible.
 Some of the highlights during the day.
Andimax with the first catch on the boat.
 Kwong Ying with a seven star.
 Ah Kai, the jangkarman, with a long nose emperor.
 Ah Kai, the jangkarman, with another long nose emperor.
 Our total catch at 9.30pm
 Kwong Ying
 Jason's, Andrew's, Kwong Ying's, Andimax's, Jesnin's and my catch at 9.30pm.
Is this what you call PECAH TONG?????
On the next morning, the fish bite rate was very low. Went to two other points and the bite rate was still low. We had to stop fishing at 8.00am.
Some of the pictures taken after the trip.
 Ustaz Ismail
 Kwong Ying
 Ah Kai, the jangkarman.
 Ah Kai's catch.
Our combined catch.
Did not take a lot of pictures in the trip as everyone was busy. Overnight fishing was fun but quite tiring. I had seasick but managed to get back on track after few hours of sleeping.I won't be thinking of an overnight fishing trip again for the time being.
A video of the trip uploaded by Tikea.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kretam 010912

Date : 1st September 2012
Time : 7.00am - 5.00pm
Location : Kretam
Boatman : Aping
Cost : RM1450
Members of the trip : Myself, Jason, Yazid, Kwong, Ustaz Razali, Bob, Jepp and Bakry.
Heard a very bad news a night before this trip. There was an earthquake in The Philippines. Luckily this trip was not cancelled and we don't expect much in this trip of course. 

 Aping 200HPX2 speedboat
Among the members of the trip.
 The scenery along our way to Kretam
Bob, the King of Pink Ear Emperors, in this trip. He caught some XL sized emperors.
 Not forgetting Jepp, the king of sea breams. He also caught some XL sized breams.
Yazid, the king of Yellow Trevally. He managed to catch more than 10 of them.
Ah Kwong, he caught two big sized fish- a Giant Trevally and a Mangrove Jack.
The fish onboard.
 One most important lesson taught by Jepp in this trip- do not eat 'mi hun' on the boat or you will have to pay the price of it.
 Our Catch.
My catch...
Kwong Ying's
Ustaz Razali's
 Stressed but we had an enjoyable trip. Hope to fish with the same gang again in the future.