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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Going to Libaran-Bagang on the 14th September. After failing to get some friends to join my trip to Lankayan,Ive finally decided to go to Libaran-Bagang with Jeffry and Bakry. My record for my one and only overnight trip in Libaran was not that good. I hope this day trip would be a good one.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Date : 17-18th August 2013
Time : 17th August 2013 ( 9.30am ) to 18th August 2013 ( 12.30 noon )
Boatman : Ah Ping
Members of the trip : Myself, Ah Kwong, Jason, Ismail, Amiludin, Andrew and Chia.

Finally, the day has come. It was a dream comes true. I've been dreaming of participating in this fishing competition for almost a year. 
11th SYC Fishing Competition 2013.
The biggest fishing competition in Sandakan.
Members of the trip
Jason's family also came to give support to him.
Before the competition started.
Saw these two bosses from Red Sea Tackles ( Ah Tang ) and Sabah Fishing Tackles Supplies ( Obit Lo )
The participating boats.
The boat we rented three months before the competition.
Ah Ping's boat.
Waiting anxiously for Ah Ping's BIG POINT
Some of the actions fishing in Ah ping's BIG POINT
Reached the jetty of Sandakan Yacht Club at around 2.00pm
 Our catch
 Amiludin with his sexy pose after all the fish was weighed.
The BIG fish competing of being the heaviest.
Prize giving ceremony and we had dinner with all the participants of this competition in the late evening ( 18th August 2013 ).
Obit Lo and his friends from Sabah Anglers Club.
Jack, one of my favourite boatmen.
 My fishing team.
 Met Obit Lo ( Sabah Fishing tackles Supplies ) and MooSAT ( Sandakan Anglers Territory )
Managed to take picture with one my of fishing idols, Obit Lo. 
 Andrew was making sure that it was his fish.
 Andrew managed to win the consolation prize.
 Andrew felling happy and proud of himself with the fish he caught.
Time to go back and rest.
Felt happy with this competition. The feeling was not the same as my ordinary fishing trip. Although I landed only small fish but I was satisfied of being able to experience this competition together with one of the most experienced boatmen in SYC, two professional and helpful anchormen and 6 of my best fishing buddies.
Andrew and one of the anchormen had won the consolation prizes.
Jason, Ah Kwong and Andrew had also won the lucky draw.
I hope to take part in this competition again next year.