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Saturday, September 25, 2010

DAIWA SALTIGA Z30 - a dream comes true

Received a parcel from Nationwide Express this morning. It was a parcel sent by Aboy from Sri Kembangan. Finally, the Daiwa Saltiga Z30 I ordered, arrived. Can't wait to use it for my next fishing trip to Taganak on the 3rd of October 2010.

The package - Daiwa Saltiga Z30 with its box, manual and bag.
Daiwa Saltiga Z30 with its quick shift handle.
Star Drag
Narrow Spool
Strong built
Round knob.
Dream comes true .....
Any suggestion on what rod is suitable to suit this reel?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kretam #4 2010

Went to Kretam on Malaysia Day ( 16th September 2010 ) with my friends. Followed Kong the boatman's 400HP speedboat.

From left, Sufian, Jepp, myself, Aminudin, Donny, Bob, Juini and Cosmack.
Kong's 400HP speedboat
The bite rate was very low from the morning till afternoon. But at around 1.30pm, the bite rate increased as we moved 2 miles into the Philippine border. Bigger fish began to attack us with some of us encountered broken lines.
Jepp with his 1.3kg grouper
Juini and his 2kg '7-star'.
Myself with a 2kg rabbit fish.
Kong the boatman's parrot fish.
A 750g grouper on jig.
Bob with his lucky yellow t-shirt and a 4kg sweet lips.
Donny with a 1.25kg GT
Myself with the jangkarman's 5kg long nose emperor
Myself with the jankarman's 1kg MJ
Our catch
My catch
It was a successful trip with some of us got BIG fish. Everyone was happy and satisfied.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Electricity port again

Went to the electricity port again today with Barth and Jepp. Tried out my new Abu Garcia Promax BC and Daiwa Megaforce 8-17lbs with 20lbs braided line in this port but there were only a few strikes and no hook up at all. It's quite interesting actually casting with BC. The cast is further compare to my Shimano Navi 2000 reel and Venom rod with 8lbs mono line. Anyway, it was quite hard at first. The setting is very important to determine the distance of the cast.

The electricity port.
Jepp and Barth
Jepp with his first snakehead in this port.
The snakehead posed with Jepp's new Daiwa Megaforce Plus BC reel,
Due to the snakehead's medicinal value, it was taken back home :).

Monday, September 6, 2010

electricity port

Went to cast for snakehead again today with Jepp from 3.00-5.00pm in a forbidden area which we called the electricity port. We've never tried the spot before as it is a forbidden area. Lucky for us as there was no one there that time. The spot looked promising. Like usual, there were a lot of strikes but no solid hook up. I only managed to get 1 hook up.
Lucky for me, as I managed to land this snakehead on my first cast. The fight was awesome.
The snakehead with my Shimano Navi 2000 and venom rod.
Used my spinner bait and there were a lot of strikes. One of the snakeheads there successfully spoilt my day by spoiling my favourite spinner bait.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

'Roundabout' port

After not having the chance to go fishing for the past 2 months, yesterday (Saturday), Jepp and I planned to go to Berhala Island to hunt for GT and table sized grouper. Unluckily the trip was canceled at the very last minute due to the boatman's miscalculation on the sea level.
So, here we were hunting for snakehead at the 'roundabout' port this evening. There were a lot of strike but no hookup. Only Jepp managed to land a 300g snakehead. I almost forgot how to cast and I've got problem to adapt to my Shimano Navi 2000 reel and Venom rod.

The promising 'roundabout' port.
JeppJepp with his 300g snakehead.
Not my day, will hunt for snakehead again before my Kretam's trip on the 16 September 2010.