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Monday, September 6, 2010

electricity port

Went to cast for snakehead again today with Jepp from 3.00-5.00pm in a forbidden area which we called the electricity port. We've never tried the spot before as it is a forbidden area. Lucky for us as there was no one there that time. The spot looked promising. Like usual, there were a lot of strikes but no solid hook up. I only managed to get 1 hook up.
Lucky for me, as I managed to land this snakehead on my first cast. The fight was awesome.
The snakehead with my Shimano Navi 2000 and venom rod.
Used my spinner bait and there were a lot of strikes. One of the snakeheads there successfully spoilt my day by spoiling my favourite spinner bait.


mayong said...

haaa.... port ni cantik... banyak betul ha port mancing haruan lauser jepp ni. ni yg di publish, yg rahsia lagi byk tu...

tbyrodney said...

mari kita mengharuan laaaa sama2.