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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Electricity port again

Went to the electricity port again today with Barth and Jepp. Tried out my new Abu Garcia Promax BC and Daiwa Megaforce 8-17lbs with 20lbs braided line in this port but there were only a few strikes and no hook up at all. It's quite interesting actually casting with BC. The cast is further compare to my Shimano Navi 2000 reel and Venom rod with 8lbs mono line. Anyway, it was quite hard at first. The setting is very important to determine the distance of the cast.

The electricity port.
Jepp and Barth
Jepp with his first snakehead in this port.
The snakehead posed with Jepp's new Daiwa Megaforce Plus BC reel,
Due to the snakehead's medicinal value, it was taken back home :).


mayong said...

haruan karan ni tak sesuai dimakan... ada kesan elektromagnet... tak bagus utk kesihatan