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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Report from Taganak

Went fishing in Taganak's area from 7.00am to 5.30pm today with Bob and Jepp. It was a very satisfying trip not only because of the fought the fish gave me, but the experiences gained was so precious. We followed a very experience boatman, Mr Jack.

This was the boat for our trip this morning.
There were 6 anglers including Bob, Jepp and I.
Mr Jack, the boatman, checking the 280hp Yamaha's engines.
Mr Bob registering himself.
It's a must to write your name in the book provided by Yatch Club before going out for a trip.
Jepp and Bob before the trip.
Bob and I.
Leaving Sandakan town on the 280hp speed boat.
Bob and Jepp preparing their weapons.
Berhala Island, a very potential area for trawling.
My first time joining a deep sea fishing's trip.
My weapon, Daiwa Freams 4500J.
My spare weapon, Shimano Slade 4000FB.
Taganak Island.
Jepp, with his snapper.
Mr Jack, the boatman, with his mangrove jack which was about 8kg.
Jepp, the most catch of the day.
Bob, posing happily with his catches.

Me, satisfied with the experiences gained.

My catches.

Jepp's catches.

Overall, I would say that this trip is the best fishing trip I've ever experienced. Will make myself available again if anyone invite me. With the friendliness of the boatman and the joke and guidence shared among us all, the trip was a memorable one.

Jepp, having a good fight with GT.

Bob, fighting with his Kerisi Bali.

Saturday, April 25, 2009 I come.....

Going to Taganak tomorrow ( 26th April 2008 ) with Jepp and his friends. It has been my dream to go for deep-sea fishing. Finally, I have the opportunity. These are what I've prepared for tomorrow's trip.

Seahawk RED SCORPION jigging series.
( max drag: 9kg, Jig wt: 100-230g, PE 2-4 )
Exori SALT GAME 256
( line: 15-40lbs, Action: H )
Daiwa FREAMS 4500j & shimano SLADE 4000FB
Spool with 50lbs line.
2 pieces Williamson 150g & 2 pieces white rabbit 200g jigs
2-250g, 2-400g and 3-500g
Vfox snaps
Fighting belt
Exori MUSCLE BRAID 30lbs 200m & DAM SPEZIPOWER 30lbs
Protech super tuff TRACE LEADER 50lbs 50m &
cobra SOLAROAM BASS ( semi FC ) 30lbs 50m
Anything I forgot? Please do remind and inform me. Will do bottom fishing and try jigging tomorrow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Luckily, there are still Haruans there.....

Went casting and 'flying' with Jepp and Jason today from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. First, we went to Jepp's favourite spot few years back. Casted there for about an hour but there was no strike at all. The heat was so strong that we had to change to other place. At about 4.30pm, we went to mile 7. Jepp with his fly fishing managed to get the first hook up in less than 10 minutes. As for Jason and I, we didn't get any hook up but it was fun as there were a lot of strike. About 30 minutes before we went back, Jepp got another hook up.

Jepp, with his flying rod and reel.
The first hook up. A small and sexy haruan.
Jepp, the pioneer of fly fishing here in Sandakan.
Jason, still working hard to get his first catch with lure.
Both the Haruans caught were released. We'll be back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another snakehead heaven was destroyed

Planned to go to the spot I caught a snakehead with the Alpine's caterpillar. Elysius and I went there at about 3.30pm today and I was shocked to see that there was only a little water left in the pond. We've got a lot of strike but no hook up at all eventhough we used the smallest froggie SP we had.

There was no road to the pond before. But now......