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Saturday, April 25, 2009 I come.....

Going to Taganak tomorrow ( 26th April 2008 ) with Jepp and his friends. It has been my dream to go for deep-sea fishing. Finally, I have the opportunity. These are what I've prepared for tomorrow's trip.

Seahawk RED SCORPION jigging series.
( max drag: 9kg, Jig wt: 100-230g, PE 2-4 )
Exori SALT GAME 256
( line: 15-40lbs, Action: H )
Daiwa FREAMS 4500j & shimano SLADE 4000FB
Spool with 50lbs line.
2 pieces Williamson 150g & 2 pieces white rabbit 200g jigs
2-250g, 2-400g and 3-500g
Vfox snaps
Fighting belt
Exori MUSCLE BRAID 30lbs 200m & DAM SPEZIPOWER 30lbs
Protech super tuff TRACE LEADER 50lbs 50m &
cobra SOLAROAM BASS ( semi FC ) 30lbs 50m
Anything I forgot? Please do remind and inform me. Will do bottom fishing and try jigging tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good luck lauser...
wah, ada la report Taganak lepas ni dlm KPN... hehehehehe... - mayong