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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Report from Taganak

Went fishing in Taganak's area from 7.00am to 5.30pm today with Bob and Jepp. It was a very satisfying trip not only because of the fought the fish gave me, but the experiences gained was so precious. We followed a very experience boatman, Mr Jack.

This was the boat for our trip this morning.
There were 6 anglers including Bob, Jepp and I.
Mr Jack, the boatman, checking the 280hp Yamaha's engines.
Mr Bob registering himself.
It's a must to write your name in the book provided by Yatch Club before going out for a trip.
Jepp and Bob before the trip.
Bob and I.
Leaving Sandakan town on the 280hp speed boat.
Bob and Jepp preparing their weapons.
Berhala Island, a very potential area for trawling.
My first time joining a deep sea fishing's trip.
My weapon, Daiwa Freams 4500J.
My spare weapon, Shimano Slade 4000FB.
Taganak Island.
Jepp, with his snapper.
Mr Jack, the boatman, with his mangrove jack which was about 8kg.
Jepp, the most catch of the day.
Bob, posing happily with his catches.

Me, satisfied with the experiences gained.

My catches.

Jepp's catches.

Overall, I would say that this trip is the best fishing trip I've ever experienced. Will make myself available again if anyone invite me. With the friendliness of the boatman and the joke and guidence shared among us all, the trip was a memorable one.

Jepp, having a good fight with GT.

Bob, fighting with his Kerisi Bali.


Anonymous said...

Nah... kan terbalas sudah dendam memancing... terus dapat ikan gred A++... tahniah lauser... - mayong

tbyrodney said...

thank you thank you..... thanks for the compliment. akhirnya terpancing sdh aku di laut dalam

Anonymous said...

i'm happy to see u are happy lauser... hehehehe...
saya pun dah sampai Taganak tapi kumpau... huhuhu...
jadi apa kata kita set trip pegi port lain pula... Kretam? Lankayan?

tbyrodney said...

kretam? lankaian? OK ba.... tapi bukan dalam masa terdekat ni la. terpaksa kumpul duit balik utk menampal lubang2 yang terbentuk masa preparation ke Taganak hari tu. hehehe