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Monday, September 29, 2008

The snakehead

Nothing much to tell you all. Went fishing in Batu Putih, mile 7, with Jason today at around 400pm to 600pm. Used prawns as bait. Managed to catch a snakehead ( haruan ) from a tree. The snakehead is safe in my aquarium now. Will go fishing again tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

License for GT

Donny went fishing at 6.00am this morning at Sandakan Navy Base. With his new 10 feet long fishing rod, seahawk reel and 40lbs line, he used sotong and belanak as bait. I arrived at about 7.00am bringing some prawns as bait. After a few minutes I arrived, Donny successfully caught a little cute kerapu. I little bit bigger than Jus' first kerapu. At 7.40am, all of a sudden, he became serious.....he struck a GT. Many people stopped by to 'interview' him. The happiness in his face.....chewahhhhhh. It was a dream came true for him. In fact, GT is a dream for every surf caster. I went home empty handed again. Anyway, I'll be back with a new 10 feet long fishing rod soon. Well, I keep the rest of the report for Donny to write in his blog at I bet that he'll be blogging the moment he reaches home later.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

another lucky day for our gang

Just got a message from Roslan that he caught a kalui weighed 2.5kg in a pond in mile 10 on Thursday ( 25 September 2008 ). That was quite big and heavy. Used earth worm as bait. Released the fish after taking this picture. He used a 20lbs line and it was broken as soon as he landed the kalui.
This is Roslan proudly present to you his 2.5kg kalui.

Friday, September 26, 2008

the beginning

Went to mile 7, Batu Putih this evening at about 330pm to 600pm. It was located just at the road side. Found out about this place from a friend of mine. He caught a few haruans a few weeks ago. They were as big as his arms. He 'poisoned' me with those words and so there I was this evening with Elysius who had just came back from Lahad Datu. He managed to catch two haruans but one of them managed to escape. I didn't catch anything but it was worth it. Enjoyed the scenary and the company of a few farmers there and also Elysius. I forgot to bring fresh baits. Elysius' baits was so special ( prawns marinated with curry powder ) that I was not able to stand the smell of them. The farmers recommended me to use earth worms. They gave me a few earth worms. This evening was the first time for me to touch it..... hehehehheeee. This was where Elysius caught his second haruan. While walking on the branches of the tree, the haruan escaped...... just imagine, what was his feeling fishing on the branches of the tree,managed to catch a big haruan but while walking on the branches to land it, it escaped.

Elysius' first haruan. Used a prawn marinated with curry powder as bait.....fuiyoooo.....he quickly telephoned 'someone' to inform about the haruan. Heheheheheee.

While fishing, Wong suddenly phoned to inform me that he caught his first ikan putih in his favourite spot - the jetty in Sandakan wet market. He MMSed me this picture.

Look carefully at the picture, the hook and line are still there eventhough he was already at home. Is it his new research on how to keep the fish fresh?????

Besides that, he also caught these ikan gelama.

It was a very lucky day for us all. Unluckily some of our gangs were not there. If they were all there, sure there'll be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my favourite 'baits'.

Planned to go fishing at 830pm with Fendy just now. Bought some octopus and ikan tamban as baits. Had to cancel it because of heavy rain. As there's nothing I can do to stop the rain, here I am sitting in front of my computer thinking on what to write in here.

Well, I was and still am very interested to catch fish with all my hard lures, soft plastics and plastic frogs. It has been so long since I first bought my very first hard lure in a supermarket. Haven't manage to catch any fish yet..... I'll keep trying and hopefully, one day, I'll be able to catch some fish with them. You'll see.

Here are all my favourite 'baits'. The first one is surely my favourite.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

pond fishing

Went to mile 10 to fish for haruan. Fish for less than an hour. Had to stop because of rain. Like usual, didn't catch anything. The haruan was teasing us. It stared at us. It showed no interest with our baits. If that's not called teasing, what do you call that. @#*x...hehehee Fendy, enjoying life as an angler. Haven't caught anything yet with his new fishing rod.

Donny, fishing seriously after the haruan teased us. Haven't get any nice catch for quite sometimes already.

A few minutes later Wong SMSed me. He informed me that his father had just caught a kerapu tikus at the jetty in Sandakan market.

Still active and fit, Mr Wong with his kerapu tikus. A record breaker. It is the heaviest and biggest kerapu tikus ever caught at the jetty in Sandakan market. It's 800grams....aiyoooo.....when can I catch a fish like that ahhhh???

Saturday, September 20, 2008

bad day.....again and again and again?????

"Whenever we go fishing, it's all about fishing and not the fish".....that's what we have been saying for the past few times fishing together.Went to the jetty in Sandakan market, navy base, Hai Heng's scow and some other places and yet, we went home empty handed. Having 'forums' and involved actively in discussions about fishing with each other and yet, everytime we went fishing for the past few days, luck was not with us. Is it really true that whenever we go fishing, it's all about fishing and not the fish?????

I went fishing again today. Started at 430pm with Elysius. We went to Bandar Ramai Ramai with high hope. Observed the place. It was not suitable for fishing as there were so many rubbish and branches. Shifted to the Navy Base. Took out our fishing rods and casted our lines. I caught an otik. It made me the seaside in Sandakan 'polluted' with otik. Elysius casted his line and without wasting time, he took out his 'weapon'. It was only a spool and damn.....he caught a lot of fish. Heheheheeee..... here are some of his actions.

Elysius waiting for 'spreeeeeding' patiently.

Elysius' 'spreeeeedingssssss'....a lot.

Elysius with his weapon and equipments.

Fished until 630pm and felt quite hungry. Went to the ramadan market to buy some food. Baught nasi kuning, chicken wings and baghdad burger. Had our dinner at Navy Base. Spent about 15 minutes eating before we countinued our fishing trip to Hai Heng's scow. Rained quite heavily. Called Donny. He had been waiting for us there for about 30 minutes. We had a 'little' drink in Reza Cafe.....rained stopped at about 10pm and we quickly rushed to Hai Heng's scow. Got nothing again and after 1 hour of 'madness', we went to the market. Fished there until almost 1am. Felt very tired and sleepy and so we decided that it was time to leave and dream about keratang. Donated all our baits ( sardine, ikan kuaci & sotong) to the fish there. Hoped our good deeds would be paid off with good catches. Don't play play ahhhhhh..... we won't give up so easily. Looking forward to meet each other again to enjoy fishing. Whenever we go fishing, it's really about fishing and not about the fish.....hehehehehheheheee.....sometimes la.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

fruitless fishing.....

Went fishing again this evening at 4pm - 6pm at the jetty in Sandakan market with Jason, Wong and Ah Wah. Used only our hand lines. It was a fruitless fishing trip. Used basung, prawn and sotong as bait but it was not our day maybe. Just few weeks ago, Ah Wah caught two ikan merah there. But today..... anyway, here are some of the picuters. Enjoy the scenary.....
Jason and Ah Wah in action.
Wong with his usual pose.

fishing marathon.....

Planned to go for fishing marathon since this morning with Fendy asking me to help him to choose his fishing rod and reel, Donny's and Jason's SMSes and Roslan's phone calls.....all were about fishing. Felt very excited as it was going to be our first fishing marathon together. Decided to fish in Jalan Lintas between Tinosa and IJM's roundabout in mile 7. Started the fishing marathon with meeting Donny at about 415pm....eeeeeee....some people were having their picnic there. Walked further to find another pond. Walked for about 15 minutes. It was really tiring. I was sweating and Donny was exhausted..... we should do some exercises from now on. No stamina at all. After a few minutes, Fendy came. We went to another pond. There was no sign of fish there. Felt so disappointed.
This was the second pond we went. Wished that there were fish here.
So we went back to the first pond through Tyng Garden. Tried popping but ..... like usual. No fish. Fendy was still in his learning process to get use to his new fishing rod and reel. The good news was that each time he casted his line, he improved a lot. Well, the bad news was that Donny sacrificed his favourite popper. Felt sorry for him.....hehehehehehhee.
At about 6pm, Fendy went back home to have dinner with his family. I had dinner with Donny in SS2. Didn't order fish.....according to Donny, we should not eat fish because we were going fishing, Was that a taboo or what????
After dinner, Donny and I went to Donny's 'lubuk jenahak'. Used our 'sotong ice box' as bait. Fished there for about 2 or 3 hours but got nothing. Fendy arrived at about 8pm and Roslan at about 9pm. Fished together over there. Felt bored and we headed to 'lubuk otik'. Muakakakkakaaa..... caught 6 otiks, Donny 4 and Roslan 3. Rosland caught the biggest otik. Fendy got nothing at all.....maybe he was not used to his new equipments. He went back home at about 12 as he was not feeling well. I won the title 'Raja Otik' tonight. Felt very proud.....hehehehehheheeee.....
Here were our cathes. Gave Donny all the otiks. He must be very happy......ssshhhhhhhh...

We went to the jetty in Sandakan market at about 1230am. Roslan with his bottom fishing. Donny and I tried our sinking lure ( sorry la. I don't know what kind of lure we were using just now ). Got nothing also. Finally at about 130am, we went back home. Planned to go to the sea for the next trip. Hopefully someone would arrange it.

Aiyoooooo.....when would we have this fishing marathon again aaaa?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

my Sony Ericsson P990i is working

Wanted to post the scenary from Pasir Putih beach yesterday but it seems like my computer was not able to detact my handphone. Luckily today, it's detactable.

What do you think I can get from this beach? Give your answers in the comment below.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no fishing......

Went to Pasir Putih at about 4 pm. Fishing for about 30 minutes and got bored. Took a few pictures but my computer was not able to detact my Sony Ericsson 990i. So, I'm unable to post any view from my fishing spot. Ah Wah called in and invited me to join him at about 6.30 pm at the jetty in Sandakan Market. Too early.....wanted to go at about 9pm but Ah Wah called in again and told me that there were too many people there.....aiyooooo how to fish if many people ooooooooooohhh. Most probably will not go fishing until next week. Elysius is in KK, Donny is sick, Jason is busy with his sister's wedding, Jus and Wong have no more interest in fishing....maybe la, and as for Ah Wah, the timing ndak ngam laaaaa. What to do.....maybe will find and join another group for the time being.....kakakakkakaa.....will I? or won't I?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sungai we come

Elysius, Rey, Jason and I went to Sungai Jipun this evening at around 4pm - 730pm.

Very high expectation when we saw the river for the first time.
All of use were using the bottom fishing technique. I used other rod with my seahawk's popper but felt quite tired after a few minutes of popping. Got no fish at all for the first two hours. My 50lb line putus 2 times, Rey and Elysius once each. Didn't know what fish was that. Piranha maybe...... Felt tired. Jason was still in the process of getting use to his fishing rods and reels. Wish him all the best of luck. Hope to see him fishing for ikan todak one day..... Went to another spot....I managed to land a small ikan batu ( stone fish ) hehehehheee.....very small. After afew minutes, it was Rey's turn to land another 'stone fish'. Those were our only catch for that day.Here are our 'stone fish'.....
After about two hours of fishing, felt tired. The mosquitoes were attacking all of us. Cannot tahan ooooo.....planned to go back at about 645 p.m. Saw an orang kampung there landed an ikan merah. excited and we forced ourselves to continue fishing. Got nothing. Finally we decided that it was time for us to go back. Just a few seconds before that, Elysius successfully landed an Ikan merah which was about 1.45kg with his RM15 lure.

The ikan merah landed with a RM15 lure.....mahal oooooo.....but very cheap according to Jason. "I bought it at RM21.00/kg in Giant,"Jason said.....hehehehheee
Elysius with his Ikan merah

Elysius holding his ikan merah with Rey 'interpremmmm' at the back.

We'll be back.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fishing is fun.....join us.....

Kerapu caught in Pulau Berhala.

Kerapu caught from the jetty in Sandakan Market.

What fish are these?????

Ikan Otik Kuning from the scow between Sandakan Post Office & Library....

Lampan Jawa caught in Wong's father's estate


Puffer fish or ikan buntal. Accidentally got it in Sandakan's Navy Base.

Ikan Sembilang caught in Sandakan's Navy Base.

Kaki pancing & I...

My 1st haruan

I've got a kerapu.....heheheheh

Wong & his lampan jawa

Chok & his koi

Donny & his otik

Fendy & his first otik

Jus @ Astro and his cute little kerapu

Jus & his otik