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Sunday, September 21, 2008

pond fishing

Went to mile 10 to fish for haruan. Fish for less than an hour. Had to stop because of rain. Like usual, didn't catch anything. The haruan was teasing us. It stared at us. It showed no interest with our baits. If that's not called teasing, what do you call that. @#*x...hehehee Fendy, enjoying life as an angler. Haven't caught anything yet with his new fishing rod.

Donny, fishing seriously after the haruan teased us. Haven't get any nice catch for quite sometimes already.

A few minutes later Wong SMSed me. He informed me that his father had just caught a kerapu tikus at the jetty in Sandakan market.

Still active and fit, Mr Wong with his kerapu tikus. A record breaker. It is the heaviest and biggest kerapu tikus ever caught at the jetty in Sandakan market. It's 800grams....aiyoooo.....when can I catch a fish like that ahhhh???