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Friday, September 26, 2008

the beginning

Went to mile 7, Batu Putih this evening at about 330pm to 600pm. It was located just at the road side. Found out about this place from a friend of mine. He caught a few haruans a few weeks ago. They were as big as his arms. He 'poisoned' me with those words and so there I was this evening with Elysius who had just came back from Lahad Datu. He managed to catch two haruans but one of them managed to escape. I didn't catch anything but it was worth it. Enjoyed the scenary and the company of a few farmers there and also Elysius. I forgot to bring fresh baits. Elysius' baits was so special ( prawns marinated with curry powder ) that I was not able to stand the smell of them. The farmers recommended me to use earth worms. They gave me a few earth worms. This evening was the first time for me to touch it..... hehehehheeee. This was where Elysius caught his second haruan. While walking on the branches of the tree, the haruan escaped...... just imagine, what was his feeling fishing on the branches of the tree,managed to catch a big haruan but while walking on the branches to land it, it escaped.

Elysius' first haruan. Used a prawn marinated with curry powder as bait.....fuiyoooo.....he quickly telephoned 'someone' to inform about the haruan. Heheheheheee.

While fishing, Wong suddenly phoned to inform me that he caught his first ikan putih in his favourite spot - the jetty in Sandakan wet market. He MMSed me this picture.

Look carefully at the picture, the hook and line are still there eventhough he was already at home. Is it his new research on how to keep the fish fresh?????

Besides that, he also caught these ikan gelama.

It was a very lucky day for us all. Unluckily some of our gangs were not there. If they were all there, sure there'll be a lot of fun.