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Saturday, September 20, 2008

bad day.....again and again and again?????

"Whenever we go fishing, it's all about fishing and not the fish".....that's what we have been saying for the past few times fishing together.Went to the jetty in Sandakan market, navy base, Hai Heng's scow and some other places and yet, we went home empty handed. Having 'forums' and involved actively in discussions about fishing with each other and yet, everytime we went fishing for the past few days, luck was not with us. Is it really true that whenever we go fishing, it's all about fishing and not the fish?????

I went fishing again today. Started at 430pm with Elysius. We went to Bandar Ramai Ramai with high hope. Observed the place. It was not suitable for fishing as there were so many rubbish and branches. Shifted to the Navy Base. Took out our fishing rods and casted our lines. I caught an otik. It made me the seaside in Sandakan 'polluted' with otik. Elysius casted his line and without wasting time, he took out his 'weapon'. It was only a spool and damn.....he caught a lot of fish. Heheheheeee..... here are some of his actions.

Elysius waiting for 'spreeeeeding' patiently.

Elysius' 'spreeeeedingssssss'....a lot.

Elysius with his weapon and equipments.

Fished until 630pm and felt quite hungry. Went to the ramadan market to buy some food. Baught nasi kuning, chicken wings and baghdad burger. Had our dinner at Navy Base. Spent about 15 minutes eating before we countinued our fishing trip to Hai Heng's scow. Rained quite heavily. Called Donny. He had been waiting for us there for about 30 minutes. We had a 'little' drink in Reza Cafe.....rained stopped at about 10pm and we quickly rushed to Hai Heng's scow. Got nothing again and after 1 hour of 'madness', we went to the market. Fished there until almost 1am. Felt very tired and sleepy and so we decided that it was time to leave and dream about keratang. Donated all our baits ( sardine, ikan kuaci & sotong) to the fish there. Hoped our good deeds would be paid off with good catches. Don't play play ahhhhhh..... we won't give up so easily. Looking forward to meet each other again to enjoy fishing. Whenever we go fishing, it's really about fishing and not about the fish.....hehehehehheheheee.....sometimes la.