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Sunday, September 28, 2008

License for GT

Donny went fishing at 6.00am this morning at Sandakan Navy Base. With his new 10 feet long fishing rod, seahawk reel and 40lbs line, he used sotong and belanak as bait. I arrived at about 7.00am bringing some prawns as bait. After a few minutes I arrived, Donny successfully caught a little cute kerapu. I little bit bigger than Jus' first kerapu. At 7.40am, all of a sudden, he became serious.....he struck a GT. Many people stopped by to 'interview' him. The happiness in his face.....chewahhhhhh. It was a dream came true for him. In fact, GT is a dream for every surf caster. I went home empty handed again. Anyway, I'll be back with a new 10 feet long fishing rod soon. Well, I keep the rest of the report for Donny to write in his blog at I bet that he'll be blogging the moment he reaches home later.