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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no fishing......

Went to Pasir Putih at about 4 pm. Fishing for about 30 minutes and got bored. Took a few pictures but my computer was not able to detact my Sony Ericsson 990i. So, I'm unable to post any view from my fishing spot. Ah Wah called in and invited me to join him at about 6.30 pm at the jetty in Sandakan Market. Too early.....wanted to go at about 9pm but Ah Wah called in again and told me that there were too many people there.....aiyooooo how to fish if many people ooooooooooohhh. Most probably will not go fishing until next week. Elysius is in KK, Donny is sick, Jason is busy with his sister's wedding, Jus and Wong have no more interest in fishing....maybe la, and as for Ah Wah, the timing ndak ngam laaaaa. What to do.....maybe will find and join another group for the time being.....kakakakkakaa.....will I? or won't I?