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Sunday, September 14, 2008

fishing marathon.....

Planned to go for fishing marathon since this morning with Fendy asking me to help him to choose his fishing rod and reel, Donny's and Jason's SMSes and Roslan's phone calls.....all were about fishing. Felt very excited as it was going to be our first fishing marathon together. Decided to fish in Jalan Lintas between Tinosa and IJM's roundabout in mile 7. Started the fishing marathon with meeting Donny at about 415pm....eeeeeee....some people were having their picnic there. Walked further to find another pond. Walked for about 15 minutes. It was really tiring. I was sweating and Donny was exhausted..... we should do some exercises from now on. No stamina at all. After a few minutes, Fendy came. We went to another pond. There was no sign of fish there. Felt so disappointed.
This was the second pond we went. Wished that there were fish here.
So we went back to the first pond through Tyng Garden. Tried popping but ..... like usual. No fish. Fendy was still in his learning process to get use to his new fishing rod and reel. The good news was that each time he casted his line, he improved a lot. Well, the bad news was that Donny sacrificed his favourite popper. Felt sorry for him.....hehehehehehhee.
At about 6pm, Fendy went back home to have dinner with his family. I had dinner with Donny in SS2. Didn't order fish.....according to Donny, we should not eat fish because we were going fishing, Was that a taboo or what????
After dinner, Donny and I went to Donny's 'lubuk jenahak'. Used our 'sotong ice box' as bait. Fished there for about 2 or 3 hours but got nothing. Fendy arrived at about 8pm and Roslan at about 9pm. Fished together over there. Felt bored and we headed to 'lubuk otik'. Muakakakkakaaa..... caught 6 otiks, Donny 4 and Roslan 3. Rosland caught the biggest otik. Fendy got nothing at all.....maybe he was not used to his new equipments. He went back home at about 12 as he was not feeling well. I won the title 'Raja Otik' tonight. Felt very proud.....hehehehehheheeee.....
Here were our cathes. Gave Donny all the otiks. He must be very happy......ssshhhhhhhh...

We went to the jetty in Sandakan market at about 1230am. Roslan with his bottom fishing. Donny and I tried our sinking lure ( sorry la. I don't know what kind of lure we were using just now ). Got nothing also. Finally at about 130am, we went back home. Planned to go to the sea for the next trip. Hopefully someone would arrange it.

Aiyoooooo.....when would we have this fishing marathon again aaaa?