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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Went to Batu Putih at 2.30pm this afternoon. Fished there until 6.00pm. There was a lot of strike and still no hook up for me. It was fun fishing with my new fishing buddy, George, He is only 14 years old and he is good in freshwater fishing. He was able to catch two snakeheads just now using his Sure Catch froggie. For me, I'm still looking forward for my first catch with lure. I ended the year 2008 with zero-catch for almost 1 month. The last time I caught a fish was on 5th December 2008 and that was using the bottom fishing technicque. I won't do any bottom fishing until I've got a license for lure-casting or popping.

My new fishing buddy, George, with his first snakehead of the day.
George with his second snakehead.
A solid hook up on his Sure Catch froggie.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Searching for snakehead paradise

Went fishing in mile 7 area with Wong yesterday. Did some casting and popping. First, we went to a pond just by the roadside. It was quite big and I can sense that there were snakeheads in it. It was a nice pond and I lost both my lovely Alpine's and Seahawk's Froggies. I didn't take any picture. Got these pictures from Wong's blog ( ). There was no strike there.
The first pond we went.
After ther first pond, we went to another pond in Batu Putih. It was the pond where I normally cast for snakehead. Got bored. After casted for half an hour, we went for popping in a saltwater river nearby. Unfortunate for Wong as he lost his favourite Yozuri's sinking lure.
The saltwater river in Batu Putih.

As for today, Donny, Wong, Ah Wah and I went casting again in mile 7 area. Made an appointment with George there. Met him for a few times casting in the pond where I used to cast too. He was only 14 years old but he knows a lot of fishing spots around the area. He casted like he has the experiences of casting for a few years already. I was impressed with his casting style. First, he took us to a pond near Sabah's Chief Minister's house in Sungai Kayu. There were a lot of strike but no hook up. I managed to hook two snakeheads there but they managed to unhook themselves.
George, our guide for today, casting using his Sure Catch Froggie.
The pond near Sabah's Chief Minister's house.
The second pond we went. There was no strike at all.
Ah Wah having fun with his new weapon.
Donny, playing with his froggie.
Having a lot of strikes but no hook up made us more eager to hunt for snakehead. We will be back.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It was raining

Went to Bukit Garam with Elysius and Rey this afternoon at about 100pm. Fished in a small lake connecting to Kinabatangan River. It was a very nice place. Spent only a few minutes there as it was raining heavily.
The lake in Bukit Garam.

Rey in action.

We continued our journey to Elysius' orchard. There was a small pond there but there was no sign of fish. According to Elysius, there were some Ketutu in it. He dived into the pond to prove his words. He managed to get some small Ketutu which were only about 1cm long with a fishing net.

Elysius with his sign of PEACE.

At about 600pm, Mizlan, a snakehunter from Labuan, MMSed me this picture. It was a 600g snakehead.

Elysius, Rey and I were not able to get any catch. The weather didn't allow us to fish. It was a very tiring trip and yet, being able to fish together, it was fun.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How about this for haruan hunting?

Went to Taman Perikanan Jaya to get my 'short-cut' license for popping this morning. Unluckily that it was closed. Bancrupt according to a guy standing outside the entrance of that place. Sadly, I drove away and searched for haruan.

This is the last choice I would hunt for haruan as it is situated next to my school. Casted for half an hour. There were sign of small fishes but haruan....I'm not sure about that.
This is the place where I started to learn how to fish with Wong and Justinus. That time, we were still using handlines with prawn as bait.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

unforgetable memories

Being able to meet friends whom you've never meet before is interesting. Knowing them through forums and blogging made it more interesting. It was an unforgetable memories for me today as I was able to learn how to HUNT for saltwater and freshwater fishes from more experiences and knowledgable people.
This morning I went popping with Zizudini whom I've known for less than one month from foruming in and YM. We went popping in Tembok from 600am to 930am. There was no strike at all. The water was oily and too low to hunt for our targetted fish. Although we didn't get out targetted fish but I've learnt the proper way on how to play with the popper from him.
Zizudini, a predator fish hunter.

The place where we went popping.

At 1130am, I met Mizlan, a true snakehead hunter. He taught me a lot on how to HUNT for snakehead. His experiences hunting for snakehead in Labuan were too complicated. His fishing gears and SP were too sophisticated compared to mine. I've never even seen some of his lures in any fishing shop in Sandakan. I'm sure I will not be able to reach his level.

Mizlan and I

Mizlan, a real snakehead hunter.
Anyway, I showed him the crystal clear water in Taman Tyng. It was a surprise for him to see such a crystal clear pond. He took a lot of pictures. Then, we headed to the pond in Fajar Perdana. Casted our froggies for an hour. There was no sign of snakehead there.It was my first time buying and using a SP Froggie and it was fun casting with it.
My first froggie ( sure catch ).

Alpine's SP Froggie

At 300pm, we went to batu Putih. There were a lot of strikes but we were not able to land any of the snakehead there. Went back at 545pm with a better perception for freshwater fishing. Casting with Mizlan was cool as I've never feel so much excitement fishing and hunting for freshwater fishes. The 'poison' he gave me the night before was too addictive that I have to 'take' the 'poison' for a few times.
The place where I really learnt how to play with the froggie.
I'm looking forward for our next hunting session together again. Although I know it would take some times, but I'm confident that the passion we share on hunting for fish would make our friendship lasts forever.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SIlver Bream

Went fishing in 'tembok' alone from 200pm to 430pm. Used prawn as bait. Felt a lot of nibbles but didn't manage to hook up any fish. Changed to smaller hooks. This time, the fish was not able to excape from my Daiwa 6 feet fishing rod and my cheap Seahawk reel. With my 40lbs Tomman braided line and 50lbs ( FC ) leader, I should catch bigger fish. There's no way for the small fish to fight. Anyway, got a palm size Silver Bream. Released it back to the sea and went back home after that.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snakehead & Talapia Paradise?

Went to the pond in Fajar Perdana, Mile 7 few days ago. Managed to capture these pictures. Some of my friends told me that they always fish for big snakeheads and talapia here. I'm not sure about that as I'm not so good with freshwater fishing. Will need to learn more about freshwater fishing.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 remaining lures

These are all my poppers and sinking lures in my collection. Since I lost my Halco Roosta popper last night, I don't have the plan to add any to my collection yet. Wait until I catch a fish with one of them, then I'll think of getting a new one. They are all cheap lures coming from the brand Bakau, Seahawk and Eupro.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my new toy

Fishing is a sport. Hunting for fish with artificial lure was my ambition since I started this hobby. I have a lot of poppers and sinking lures but this is the most expensive one I've bought this morning. Before this I use only Bakau, Eupro and Seahawk lures. I'm hoping to hunt and get some fish with this Halco Popper which costs me RM34 and as a matter of fact, it's the ugliest-looking popper I've ever had. So for now, I won't be buying anymore lure until I catch fish with my artificial lure. Update : ( Dec 02, 2008 10.41pm ) Went to Sandakan Navy Base and did some popping alone with my new toy. Popping for almost 2 hours alone and at 950pm, my 20lbs line broke and the popper flew away in the darkness. Tried to retrive it back with my Bakau popper but after a few times of popping, my Halco was gone. Couldn't even see it in darkness.

p/s...The moral of this story, don't buy another expensive lure.