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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It was raining

Went to Bukit Garam with Elysius and Rey this afternoon at about 100pm. Fished in a small lake connecting to Kinabatangan River. It was a very nice place. Spent only a few minutes there as it was raining heavily.
The lake in Bukit Garam.

Rey in action.

We continued our journey to Elysius' orchard. There was a small pond there but there was no sign of fish. According to Elysius, there were some Ketutu in it. He dived into the pond to prove his words. He managed to get some small Ketutu which were only about 1cm long with a fishing net.

Elysius with his sign of PEACE.

At about 600pm, Mizlan, a snakehunter from Labuan, MMSed me this picture. It was a 600g snakehead.

Elysius, Rey and I were not able to get any catch. The weather didn't allow us to fish. It was a very tiring trip and yet, being able to fish together, it was fun.