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Monday, December 29, 2008

Searching for snakehead paradise

Went fishing in mile 7 area with Wong yesterday. Did some casting and popping. First, we went to a pond just by the roadside. It was quite big and I can sense that there were snakeheads in it. It was a nice pond and I lost both my lovely Alpine's and Seahawk's Froggies. I didn't take any picture. Got these pictures from Wong's blog ( ). There was no strike there.
The first pond we went.
After ther first pond, we went to another pond in Batu Putih. It was the pond where I normally cast for snakehead. Got bored. After casted for half an hour, we went for popping in a saltwater river nearby. Unfortunate for Wong as he lost his favourite Yozuri's sinking lure.
The saltwater river in Batu Putih.

As for today, Donny, Wong, Ah Wah and I went casting again in mile 7 area. Made an appointment with George there. Met him for a few times casting in the pond where I used to cast too. He was only 14 years old but he knows a lot of fishing spots around the area. He casted like he has the experiences of casting for a few years already. I was impressed with his casting style. First, he took us to a pond near Sabah's Chief Minister's house in Sungai Kayu. There were a lot of strike but no hook up. I managed to hook two snakeheads there but they managed to unhook themselves.
George, our guide for today, casting using his Sure Catch Froggie.
The pond near Sabah's Chief Minister's house.
The second pond we went. There was no strike at all.
Ah Wah having fun with his new weapon.
Donny, playing with his froggie.
Having a lot of strikes but no hook up made us more eager to hunt for snakehead. We will be back.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your photos a lot. I am a big fan of travelling and taking pictures as well so here I my favourite picture from Norway: (during the Christmas time, I recommend it).  I think I will come back here, so see ya later!

rodney said...

Hi....thanks a lot. Those pictures I took were not that good as I was only using my mobile phone (sony ericsson P990i 2MP).

mizlan said...

wooo..bos!cantik kolam dkt rmh Musa Aman tu..kau pumnya guide ni baguslah byk dia tau lubuk..cayalah..teruskan usaha bos