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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gobin Rock

Date : 14th August 2011
Time : 7.00am - 3.00pm
Location : Gobin Rock
Boatman : Kim Sui
Cost : RM70 per person
Went to Gobin just now with Joseph. The weather and current were good but still there was not a good day of fishing as the bite rate was very low.

Some of the scenery along the way to Gobin.
Taganak Island on our left.
Berhala Island on our right.
The bait used for today's trip - live prawn.
My first catch for today. A 'giant grouper'.
My second and third catch
My forth and my last catch for today's trip - a baby pink ear emperor. Ah Wong the jangkarman's catch
Ah Wong and his heaviest grouper ( 1.3kg ) for today's trip.
Ah Wong again with a 700g GTJoseph's catch
Kim Sui with his two baby groupers in a single hook.
Kim Sui's 45hp speed boat.
There was not many good size fish caught today. Looking forward to go to the Philippines water after the Haro Raya holiday.