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Saturday, November 20, 2010

recreational trip to Bai Island

Date : 20 November 2010
Time : 7.30am - 4.00pm
Location : Bai Island
Boatman : Nasib
Went to Bai Island for a 'final' recreational trip for 2010 with Jepp, Zizu, Jason, Bob and his friend, Amiludin and his friend and Murad. Had a very enjoyable time fishing with them all.

Planned to follow this ship but we were unable to rent it.
Before the trip, we had our breakfast in Yasin Restaurant.
The anglers for today's trip:
Bob's friend
Amiludin's friend
MyselfJepp with his special catch- a puffer fish

Amiludin's catch..... a cooler box full of croaker
Jepp, Jason and my catches were divided equally among three of us.
After sharing our catches, I brought home 4kg of fish

Friday, November 5, 2010

no more deep sea fishing for 2010

Date : Friday 5th November 2010
Time : 8am - 5.15pm
Location : Kretam 80m
Trip members : Myself, Jason, Bob, Murad, Juini, Aminuddin and his two friends.

Aminuddin and his friends.
Murad, myself and Jason
The highlights of today's trip
Juini with a coral fish which was hooked on its 'belly'
Jason with a trigger fish
Myself with a 800g Japanese Red
Murad with his GTs
Murad, 'enjoying' his first sea sick
Everyone was not in the mood as the current was quite strong in the morning
The jangkarman's catch, like usual the most and the best catch.
Murad, feeling a lot better on our way back to the Yacht Club.
Myself posing for the camera for my last trip to Kretam this year.
Ah Hiew, the jangkarman.
Aminuddin, making the peace sign.
Jason and Juini
Ah Kong the boatman, counting the RM1450, for today's trip.
The 400hp's boat
Our catch for today's trip
Aminuddin and his friends' catch
My catch.
Trigger fish
Japanese red
Red Breams
The small and sexy - kerisi, pisang pisang and basung.

Will be back to Kretam next year. For this year, there won't be another deep sea fishing trip. I had a very good time fishing with all my friends and hope to be able to fish with you all again soon.