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Saturday, October 23, 2010

recreational trip to Berhala & Bai Island

Went for a recreational trip to Berhala and Bai Island with Jepp, Bakry, Andrew, Fernandez, Jivoh, Murad and Cosmack. The trip was supposed to start at 7.00 am but due to some 'technical error', we left the jetty of Sandakan wet market only at 8.00am.

Buying baits for today's trip in Tanah Merah.Sandakan wet marketThe anglers for today's trip.
Behind - Fernandez, Cosmack, Jivoh, Bakry and Andrew.
Front - myself, Jeffry and Murad.
The scenery
Our arsenal
Bakry got into a very BIG fight but unluckily he lost and his rod broke into 4 pieces.
Andrew's managed to land this 800g grouper.
Murad with his double hook up
A gelama trying to eat the whole sized 4 sinker.
Jepp in actionJepp with his 1kg gelama
Jepp with another 2kg gelama
Cosmack posing with the 2kg gelamaJepp with a 300g grouper
Jepp with a 500g sweel lips
The 4 of us ( Murah, Jepp, Bakry and I ) sitting at the back agreed to share our catches equally among each other. We were quite surprised that we managed to land 9.5kg of fish.
The back seater - myself, Jepp and Bakry
Feeling tired but happy. Will surely follow Nasib's boat again in the future for another recreational trip to Berhala and Bai Island.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

recreational trip to Berhala Island

Went to Berhala Island today for a recreational trip with friends. There was not that much expectation fishing in Berhala.

The anglers- Jason, Jepp, Zizu, Aminudin and friend.
Murad the first timer and Barth
Leaving the jetty of Sandakan post office.Barth posing with his Lapih.
Jason with his grouper
Ah Kong the boatman with his catch.
Berhala Island
While fishing, we met Yazid and Cosmack on this ship.
Murad and his catch
Myself with my catch
We shared all our catches among each other. Hope to have another trip to Berhala Island again.