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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kretam 2012

Date : 26 May 2012
Time : 730am - 430pm
Location : Kretam
Cost : RM1450
Members of the trip : Myself, Jason, Jepp, Bakry, Amiludin, Andrew and Redzuan

 Redzuan and Jason
 Andrew, Jepp and Amiludin
 Myself, Jepp, Andrew and Amiludin
Ah Ping's 200HPX2 speedboat
Stretching before going fishing
 Thinking and focusing on what fish to catch
 Applying sunblock is a must to prevent yourself from getting skin cancer.
 Some of the highlights in today's trip
Myself with a 1.7kg 7 star
 Ah Ping with his 2.5kg 7 star
 Redzuan with Ah Ping's 2kg 7 star
 Myself with a 700g sweet lips
 Myself again with a baby snapper
 Jepp with his grouper
 Jepp with a 1kg 'Jemuduk'
 Amiludin with a 1.1kg Giant Trevally
 Myself with a 4.1kg catfish
My catch with the biggest red snapper weighing 1.4kg
Amiludin's Giant Trevally
Our catches
Andrew with Ah Ping's groupers
My total catch weighing around 17kg
My catfish was given to Amiludin. The weather and the current were good today. Looking forward for another fishing trip with Ah Ping again soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My first ever trip in 2012

Date : 5th May 2012
Time : 730am - 500pm
Boatman : Ah Kong
Cost : RM1450
Location : Baguan
Members of the trip : Myself, Jason, Bob, Bakry, Andimax, Jepp and 2 other friends.
Haven't been fishing for almost 5 months. This was my first ever trip in 2012. Experienced a lot of tangled line in this trip and I had to sacrifice almost 20m of my 40lbs fluorocarbon line due to 'bird nest'.

Members of the trip
The jetty in Sandakan's Yacht Club
Ah Kong's 200hpX2 speed boat.
Baguan 80m
Some of the highlights of the trip.
Jason with a 800g ruby snapper
 Ah Kong's red snapper
 The jangkarman's coral trout
 My 'giant' barracuda
 Bakry and his red snapper
 Ah Kong's orange spot grouper
 Jason with his 1.4kg Amberjack
 Jepp with a bigger and heavier amberjack
 Jepp and his barracuda
 Jepp with his coral trout caught on his '3-eyed apollo'.
 Our catches
Andimax distributing the oily stingray caught by the jangkarman
 My catch
Will surely go to Baguan waters again in the future. At the mean time, I had to improve my stamina. Fishing in the depth of 70-80m was not really that easy.