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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Date : 17 April 2011
Time : 7.00am - 5.10pm
Boatman : Botak Jack
Cost : RM230/pax
Went to Taganak-Baguan today with Jepp, Amiludin, Ismail, Bob and two other members of another fishing team. It was a very good trip as the weather and the sea were calm.

The anglers - Ismail, Amiludin, Jepp and Bob.
The boat used in this trip.The weather early in the morning.
The bait used in this trip.
The chinaman team.
A 2kg 7-star@coral grouperA 1.5kg golden snapper
Amiludin with his best catch of the day- a 2kg red snapperIsmail with his 2kg grouperMyself with a 800g red snapper
2kg golden snapper
Here are some of the jangkarman's catch.
A 4kg grouper and 2kg MJ.
My catch - 10kg
Amiludin's catch - 10kg
Bob's catch
Jepp's catch - 3kgIsmail's catch - 11kgOur combined catch
Here are my catch.
7 groupers
13 pink ear emperor
1 long nose emperor
1 baby GT
3 pisang pisang
1 golden snapper
It was a very successful trip for us. Will surely go for another fishing trip again next month. Anyone who is interested to join me for a fishing trip in Lankayan next month, do inform me earlier with a RM200 deposit. Plan to follow Botak Jack again and the trip will cost about RM230.