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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

12 hours of fishing

Went to Pulau Bai again on 4th April 2009 with some old and new friends. Fished there from 6.00pm ( 4th April ) to 6.30am ( 5th April ). There were not many interesting catches that day. My friend, Zass, managed to land a 2kg red snapper which gave him a good fight. Another friend of mine, Arshad, landed 1kg grouper. As for Ajimi, who was sitting next to me, his best catch was a Kurau weighing around 300g. Overall, like usual, there were a lot of Gelamas and Oteks. We managed to land some groupers and stingrays.
Ajimi with his Kurau.

My groupers.

Planned to go to Kretam with some of my friends on 18th April 2009. Bought myself a Daiwa Freams 4500J to fight with the fish there. Hope to get better catch. Wish me luck.....

Daiwa Freams 4500J

My latest collection of reels.