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Sunday, April 18, 2010

2KG Snakehead in Sandakan?

Saw this funny price tag in Indah Aquarium, Mile 4, Sandakan.

Flower Horn RM480 - 1 tails - ? 1 TAILS????
Pirana RM9.50 - 1 tails - ? 1 TAILS??????
Bakry, Jepp, Harun @ Real Snail and myself went to Taman Airport. Met Harun for the first time. We tried our luck to cast for snakehead. Harun managed to get a solid hookup on a baby snakehead and for the rest of us, we've got nothing. The baby snakehead was released.
Harun @ Real Snail.
Taman Airport. Went to my father-in-law's house at about 8pm. I was shocked to see this 2kg snakehead. It was caught by my uncle in mile 8, Sandakan. I was quite happy to know that big snakehead still exist in Sandakan. Hope to be able to cast for a 2kg snakehead soon.