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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kretam #2 2010

Went to Kretam today ( May 8th, 2010 ) with Jason, Donny, Bob, Bakry, Jepp, Bart and Juini. This time we followed Ah Kong's boat. The weather and current were good but to some of us, the rate of the fish bite was not that satisfactory.

From left: Bob, Rodney, Bakry, Juini, Jason, Jepp, Donny and Bart.
Ah Kong's boat with 400hp Yamaha engines.
Myself with my very first 'gerongong' fish.
Red Spotted Coral grouper.
A 1.5kg Grouper.
Jepp releasing his 'gerongong' fish
Bob with his red snapper and red spotted coral grouper.
Blue spotted coral grouper.
Bob and Jepp showing off their red spotted coral grouper.
A double hook up bonus for Bakry. Two 'ikan selipar'.
Bart's GT.
My catch.
Bob's catch.
Bart's catch.
Donny's and Bart's catches.
Juini, Jepp, Bakry and Jason.
Our total catches.
The weapon we used for today's trip.


Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch of good eating fish. How much does a trip like this cost.

Anonymous said...

1st time ever i saw people CNR geronggong... hehehehe... anyway, congrats bro... -mayong

tbyrodney said...

Thanks Fish Whisperer & Mayong.
This was a day trip ( fishing from 7.30am to 4.30pm )and it costs us RM1450.

jepp79 said...


The first time I've done that..

mayong said...

baru saya perasan bro jepp menang jackpot... hehehehe... berapa ratus tu?