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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today in history

Went to mile 10 hunting for snakehead with Donny at 4.00pm. Donny used the mixture of 'belacan + kunyit + tepung' as bait. As for me, I used only my red and white spinner bait. There were a lot of small fishes in the pond but unluckily we forgot to bring along small hooks. Anyway, I had successfully landed a snakehead with the spinner bait. It was my first time hooking a fish with an artificial lure. The feeling was so good that I even smiled all the way home. Will try to use it for snakehead hunting more often.
The pond in mile 10. Suitable to fish for snakehead and small fishes.
My first artificial lure which had successfully landed a snakehead.
The snakehead was about two palm size.


mizlan said...

woooo! bravo.. Rodney..first snakehead using spinnerbait..amacam karannya?bestkan!..tarikan snakehead..tahniah bro