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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Went to Sandakan Navy Base yesterday at 330pm to 600pm and also this morning at 530am to 1000am. Did some popping and casting with Donny. We claimed ourselves to be good citizen of Sandakan. We helped the MPS ( Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan ) to collect rubbish from the sea. I even got a baby's pampers and a lot of plastic bags while doing my popping. No sign of 'predator' at all. People who fished there got some GTs but maybe we were a little bit late. No more GT for us. Only rubbish, rubbish and rubbish.

Just look at the picture, the rubbish were a thousand times more early this morning.

Donny and I went fishing again just now at 830pm to 1230pm. We went to the spot behind Gentingmas Mall. It was our first time fishing there. Casted my line and in less than a minute, I caught an otik. We used prawn and tamban as baits. The sea was full of rubbish. A lot of wood, plastics and even logs. Caught 3 otiks and a manyung. As for Donny, he caught an otik and a small gelama. It's a day full of disappointment for me. Elysius was with us a little bit late. Like usual, he's the king of spreeding. He proved himself to be the king of spreeding with the result of in less than a minute, he caught 5 spreedings for Donny to use as live bait. As for Wong, like usual, he's in Sandakan wet market using handline. He caught a grouper there.

A 600 grams grouper caught by Wong.