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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

don't plan your fishing trip

Felt boring last night. Suddenly thinking of going fishing. SMSed Donny and Elysius to ask them out fishing in Sandakan Wet Market. It was an unplanned fishing trip. Didn't expect too much as the fishing trip we planned last Sunday, no one turned up. I was there fishing alone in Sandakan Navy Base. It's quite a taboo for us to plan our fishing trip. Anyway, didn't get any reply for about 5 minutes. Nearly gave up again but all of a sudden, I heard the beeping sound from my HP. Donny replied, "OK bah. Ada umpan ka"..... and so, there we were, Donny and I, at Sandakan Wet Market at about 930pm. We have never catch any fish there. We used our light fishing rods. Donny used prawn as bait and I used sotong. The nibbles were so strong. We felt so excited. I've got a double hook on my 20lbs line and super small hooks. Successfully landed a small tiny crab and a bedukang. Fishing until 200am and I've got only a crab and two bedukang. Released them all. As for Donny, He caught an octopus, three bedukang and two kerapu. He brought back the octopus and the kerapu in the picture shown below. Did the baits we use make the difference in our catch?
The octopus caught by Donny. We thought that it was a plastic bag.

The biggest kerapu ever caught by Donny so far. Not big but it was enough for the enjoyment of fishing.