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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Not-So-Deep" sea fishing

For the first time in my life, I went to area around Pulau Bai, Batu Sapi and also Pulau Nangka for fishing yesterday ( 29 November 2008 ). Departed from the jetty in Pasir Putih at 700am and went back at around 430pm. Went there on a 170hp speed boat with Jus, Painus, Azrim and the boatman himself. The speedboat was equipped with a fish finder. We used prawn, squid and basung as baits. Painus got the first catch of the day with an otik, followed by Azrim with a 200g or 300g red snapper. Those were the only catches we got in Pulau Nangka. Then, we moved to another spot, this time, I caught an otik. As the water was so muddy, we went to Pulau Bai. The excitement started when Jus caught a grouper weighing about 250g. Azrim, Jus and Painus caught a lot of gelama. Azrim also landed a 800g fish which I don't know what its name and accordin to the boatman, it was an expensive fish. As for me, with the title Raja Otik a few months ago, like usual, I caught a lot of otiks. The size of each otik got bigger each time I caught them. I also landed a very big manyung. It was more than 1kg. It was heavy and the catfish had no fighting spirit at all. With my 40lbs braided line and cheap seahawk reel, the feeling of fighting was not there. I should have brought along my 20lbs line. Besides otik and manyung, I also successfully landed a grouper which was about 500 to 600g. Didn't take a lot of photo as everyone was so busy with their spools and their rods.

Painus preparing his spool. Azrim was busy with the baits. Jus was busy with his Dunhill Menthol Light.
My manyung and grouper.
It was fun fishing with them. I'm looking foward for another 'not-so-deep' sea fishing trip with them. We planned to have a monthly trip fishing in those area. Hope this will come true and hopefully we'll get better catches.