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Sunday, November 2, 2008

no fishing for so long

After resting for so long, we went fishing again yesterday. Fishing under the hot sun from 100pm to 430pm with Elysius and Donny. We used sotong as bait. I noticed that the sotong is more expensive now compared to few weeks ago. The price for petrol and diesel dropped starting yesterday but..... anyway, I caught a baby kerapu, two pisang pisang and two ketam batu yesterday. Elysius caught a sea snake and a ketam batu. As for Donny, he caught an otik.
Our catch for yesterday. Elysius took them back. He wanted to rear them all.

The first catch of the baby kerapu

Just last week, we went to Sungai Kayu to 'merambat' prawn. Me, Wong, Elysius and Wong's school's gardener. Trapped a lot of prawns, tiger prawns, belanak and even a selongsong. Although I didn't work as hard as them but it was so tiring.

Boat for rent. RM150 per trip. Maximum load, 15 people. How about that for a fishing trip?

White sandy beach in Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu. Elysius took this photo. Planned to fish there during the year end holiday.