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Friday, November 14, 2008

night full of plastic bags

Went to Sandakan wet market at about 900pm fishing with Donny. Many people were fishing there at that time. There was not much room for us. So, we went to 'tembok'. We used not-so-fresh sotong as bait. I casted my 10 feet long and my other 6 feet long fishing rods. In less than 5 minutes, I felt strong nibbles with my 6 feet fishing rod. Caught a gelama..... I thought it was an ikan merah at first. We were there until 230am. Sadly, I've lost my size 7 and size 5 sinkers tonight. I've also caught a lot of plastic bags. It happened to Donny too. We spent our last 30 minutes popping but like usual, we didn't catch anything.

The one and only gelama I caught in 5 and a half hours fishing.

My new popper was stucked between the rocks there.