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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my new toy

Fishing is a sport. Hunting for fish with artificial lure was my ambition since I started this hobby. I have a lot of poppers and sinking lures but this is the most expensive one I've bought this morning. Before this I use only Bakau, Eupro and Seahawk lures. I'm hoping to hunt and get some fish with this Halco Popper which costs me RM34 and as a matter of fact, it's the ugliest-looking popper I've ever had. So for now, I won't be buying anymore lure until I catch fish with my artificial lure. Update : ( Dec 02, 2008 10.41pm ) Went to Sandakan Navy Base and did some popping alone with my new toy. Popping for almost 2 hours alone and at 950pm, my 20lbs line broke and the popper flew away in the darkness. Tried to retrive it back with my Bakau popper but after a few times of popping, my Halco was gone. Couldn't even see it in darkness.

p/s...The moral of this story, don't buy another expensive lure.


mizlan said...

woo..Halco poper tu bro!gewang maut tu..klu kt sini gewang paling best klu cast toman n siakap ..dia punya pop punya best..mcm Yuzuri hyro tiger..xsabar nk tgk hasilnya nt..

mizlan said...

he2.itulah adat casting bos..klu x tali meletup..sangkut..xpun kena sambar tali putus..seingat aku casting mau beratus dah gewang apa nak buat dah minat..kira sedekah je lah..mana tau hari ni kita hilang esoknya kita terima hasil yang lumayan..itulah dinamakan rezeki..xpa bos leh beli pain no gain!