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Saturday, October 4, 2008

only ikan batu?????

Planned to go fishing with Donny. SMSed each other since noon. So, there we were at the Sandakan wet market at about 830pm. We used belanak and sotong as baits. Felt some nibbles but we didn't get any catch. At about 930pm, we changed our spot. We joined Wong and his gang at his favourite spot.....of course it's at the jetty in Sandakan wet market. Saw his friends caught 2 kerapus weighed 1.1kg and 1.8kg. They also caught a lot of 'sea snakes'. Wong caught 2 gelamas, 2 otiks and 2 sea snakes with his new 10ft long fishing rod. Like usual, I didn't catch anything there and 'best' of all, I donated some of my sinkers to the corals there. At 1130pm, Donny and I decided to go to Donny's favourite spot - the Sandakan Navy Base. I casted my new 10feet long fishing rod and 40lbs line. Within minutes, I caught ikan batu. It was smaller than my reel. Anyway, that's the only catch I've got tonight. Went home at about 220am. Planned to go fishing again on Sunday at..... according to Donny, 500am. How to wake up aaaaaah. So early la??????

Donny's favourite spot - Sandakan Navy Base.

Look at the size of this ikan batu. My reel is even bigger. Anyway, it's considered as a good catch for me as I haven't catch any fish for so long.