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Monday, October 13, 2008

No Fish at up? Not now

Fishing in a restricted or protected area was 'cool'. It's a restricted area and yet the security guards allowed us to fish there. The SEO factory was once my favourite fishing spot. Went there few days ago and I was not able to catch any fish at all. Everything went wrong that day. Fishing marathon and yet, there was no fish at all. Was it the baits? the weather? the tide? I was confused.
The entrance of the SEO factory.

This was the place where I caught my second kerapu.
Some people said that there is a keratang somewhere below this bridge.
My new popper. Haven't catch any fish yet with any of my hard baits.
Donny was playing with his new sinking lure at the Navy Base. It was 'released' to the ocean this evening.
Donny's polarized sunglass which costs RM130. Very useful for surf casters.


mizlan said...

wah..bagus tu bos!tmpt larangan org tak kacau..ikan kurang tekanan..tak kenal umpan n gewang..potensi mengena lebih tinggi

rodney said...

ada sign board KAWASAN LARANGAN, tapi aku tengok kawasan tu senang2 orang boleh keluar masuk dengan 'senjata' diorang.