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Sunday, October 5, 2008

freshwater & saltwater

Went to the 'tembok' near Dewan Masyarakat at 700am. Donny was already there since 450am. Used tamban and sotong as bait. Fendy arrived at about 715am and Elysius at 730am.
Donny and Fendy concentrating fishing.
The only catch of the day for salt water fishing was an otik caught by me, myself and I. It was quite big and I refused to take photo with it as it was already too common to land an otik. Furthermore, I don't want the title 'raja otik'. Went back at about 1030am. Could not stand the heat. Planned to go fishing again in Taman Sandakan with Elysius and Fendy at 300pm. It was a nice spot for was closed when we reached there and there was a NO FISHING sign at the entrance.

So, we went to Seguntor. Reached there at about 315pm.

Fendy, busy preparing his 'weapons'. His 'weapons' are always ready in the car. Anytime, anywhere..... give him a call and he will surely go.

Look at this fishing spot in Seguntor. Wondered why we were not able to catch any fish here.

At about 500pm, we gave up. I was the first person to give up and suggested that we went to Batu Putih. Arrived there at 510pm. Saw some people fishing. Climbed up the tree where Elysius and I caught haruans few weeks ago. We used prawns as bait. Elysius caught a haruan. That was the only catch of the day for our fresh water fishing trip. We were shocked when we saw some people fishing for crocodile.....wahhhhhh! He said that there are 4 crocodiles in the pond. They used chicken as bait for the crocodile. Anyway, all of us went back at 600pm as the mosquitoes were attacking us.

Although the haruan was not as big as Elysius' reel, but..... it was announced as 'THE FRESHWATER CATCH OF THE DAY' for today's fishing trip.

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... I was wrong to say that I've got the 'salt water catch of the day'. Wong had just SMSed me saying that he caught a 1.9kg ikan merah. This was an email sent from him few minutes ago -> ____________________________________________________________________

Ikan merah pertama. Di pasar td jam 5 mula n jam 5.30 dah dpt. Punya best feel tarik. Lwn btl. Handline dgn 60lbs tangsi. Smlm pancing jg kami. Aku pulang jam 11.30pm tp Chu mereka masih pancing d sana. Brgkl jam 12 bgt, ada 1 melayu sana dpt kerapu dalam 4 – 5kg bgt. Sudah naik d letak nya kerapu d lantai. Then dia pasang umpan n humban blk. Lps humban ikan nya, dia kasi masuk ikan nya dlm kotak. Lps simpan pi lah pegang tangsi nya yg sudah di buang td. Sejurus d pegang nya d tarik lg 1 ekor kerapu dlm 2kg bgt.

Wong with his first 1.9kg ikan merah. Now he has completed the quest to catch Kerapu , merah and GT. Now I wonder, what will be his next target?????

1.9kg ikan merah.....