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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fendy finally.....

Planned to go to Berhala Island this morning but...... anyway, we went to Sandakan's Navy Base this afternoon from 330pm to 630pm. Fishing for 3 hours with Donny, Fendy and Elysius. Used belanak as bait.
6 Fishing rods lined up together, excluding Fendy's. He went back early today.

It was a very lucky day for Fendy as he finally landed a small kerapu. He sent me a SMS just now saying that he felt great and he won't be able to sleep tonight.

As for Donny, he caught a manyung. He planned to rear it.


mizlan said...

wah..cayalah!aku ni dah dkt seminngu x naik ikan..terlepas byk kali..wooo..memancing kt pantai Navy base tu..aku dah setahun tak dtg sandakan..klu joint mmcing nt nak kena beli st mmcing pantai aku ni..skrg set baitcaster je aku ada...dah lama x aktif mmcing pantai.