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Thursday, October 2, 2008

not my favourite spot

Went fishing last night with Donny at about 1000pm to 230am. Saw Wong and his gang there at the jetty in Sandakan wet market. They were there since 500pm. Went back at about 1030pm. They caught a lot of big game fishes.

Mr Wong managed to catch a 1.6kg kerapu and Wong, a 400g kerapu. These are their kerapus.
Donny and I used tamban and sotong as baits. Some of our barrel sinkers stayed in the sea to become 'tukun'. Donny caught a palm size gelama and I've got nothing. Another disappointed night for us? Sure, of course laaaaaaaa. But we go out fishing not because of the fish, it's about fishing. We'll be back soon.
The gelama caught by Donny.

With a very happy face, Donny took this photo with his first gelama.