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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Will be going fishing in Lankayan water next Saturday ( 14 May 2011 ). After the first and second attempts going there were unsuccessful, I'm hoping for a successful trip this time. The cost for this trip will be around RM225 per person.

The anglers.
Ismail, Amiludin, Jepp and Bob.
My arsenals.
40lbs Dupond line. It will be used to make apollo.
Gamakatsu and Relix hooks.
My self made 2 and 3 hooks apollo.
300g, 350g and 400g sinkers
Pliers, nail clipper and cutter
80g - 150g jigs..... and I am not sure whether they will be used in this trip or not.
Rolling swivels and snaps
Net, fighting belt, empty spool, line and lip gripper/weighing scale.
All the accessories will be put in this box.My rod and reel.
Lemax Slim Max PE 3-4
Daiwa Saltiga Z30 loaded with 300m 65lbs ajiking braided line.My spare reel
Shimano TLD 15/30 loaded with 300yards 50lbs power pro braided line.
Eupro Hammer Jig pe2-4


Anonymous said...

Bro, can show pic of your 2 - 3 hooks appollo?