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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lankayan - Cagayan

Date : 14th May 2011
Time : 6.30am-5.00pm
Location : Lankayan - Cagayan
Boatman : Botak Jack
Cost : RM1800
Trip Members : Jason, Bob, Bakry, Jepp, Ismail, Andrew, Aminudin and myself.

Some of the scenery on our way to and back from Lankayan - Cagayan
Some of the highlights in this trip.
Bakry with a 800g red snapper
Red snappers caught by Bakry at the first spot.Bakry with the best catch of the day.
A 2.3kg coral trout.
Andrew with his 'ikan selipar.'
Botak Jack with his 1kg coral trout.
Botak Jack with his sweet lips.
Bob with a pink ear emperor.
Bob with a good sized red snapper.
Bob with a good table sized grouper.Jason with a table sized red snapper.Jason with a cute little fish. Jason with a red snapper.Myself with a 1.3kg red snapper.My catch at the first spot.
Myself with my very first MJ.
A 800g MJ.
Jepp with his red snapper.
Jepp with his grouper.
Lunch time.
Sleeping time.
On our way back to Sandakan.The boat we used for this trip.Our catches.
Ismail with his 7kg catches.
Myself with my 11kg catches.
My catch
7 groupers
2 coral trouts.
2 baby GTs
3 pink ear emperors.
3 pisang pisang
3 red snappers
2 trigger fish
An 800g MJ
As a conclusion, I would not recommend anyone to go for a day trip to Lankayan-Cagayan. Anyway, we enjoyed our fishing trip. Will fish in Taganak-Baguan or Kretam next month,


mayong said...

tahniah, bukan senang nak sampai Lankayan. abis tu, tak jigging langsung ka?