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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Libaran 250812

Date : 25 August 2012
Time : 5.00pm ( Friday ) - 9.00am ( Saturday )
Location : Libaran
Boatman : Jasman Joran Transport
Members of the trip : Andimax, Zack, Bob & friend, Kwong Ying & 4 of his friends and myself
Cost : RM500/10
My first ever trip to Libaran. It's a good place for fishing according to my friends few years back. Felt very excited about this trip. 
Some of the scenery along the way to Libaran.


Members of the trip
 The birthday-boy with his catch.
Did not take many pictures in this trip as everyone was dizzy due to strong wind, strong current, very heavy rain at night and very hot weather on the next morning. As for myself, I only caught a selongsong and 4 palm sized groupers and worst of all, I broke my Slimax PE 3-4 fishing rod. It's one of my favourite fishing rod. Perhaps, it's time to move on and get a new and better rod for myself. Felt disappointed with Libaran waters. There's not many fish there after all. I won't be going there again. Sayonara Libaran.....


mayong said...

eleh... dulu pun keluar ayat yg sama bila 1st time pegi lankayan... hehehehe... skrg dah jadi pengunjung tetap lankayan...

GeMpUyUt.InC said...

hohoho...napa lah libaran tu mcm tu,dulu pun 2x sdh p sana tapi trip kumpau juga lor.. apa pun,yg penting beraksi kan sifu.... =)

Anonymous said...

lain tu..... pancing, pancing juga. happy tu wajib la. tapi bila tiada ikan, hati jadi resah dan untuk membuatkan hati gembira.....anggap happy saja la - rodney

Anonymous said...

boleh minta no phone jasman joran?