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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bai Island and Dulang-Dulang Island 2011

Date : 26 November 2011
Time : 8.30am - 4.30pm
Location : Bai Island and Dulang-Dulang Island
Boatman : Nasip
Cost : RM25 per person
Members of the trip : Myself and the Facebookers' JORAN SANDAKAN team
The weather was quite cloudy in the morning but in the afternoon, it's hot. I had sunburn on my face, arms and legs. Forgot to use my sunblock as I was quite sleepy as the bite rate was not that good.

Heading towards Dulang-Dulang Island
Palmin with his first catch of the day.Palmin's second grouper
Victor with a better catch - a 500g GT
SaudinSaudin with a 400g grouperAndrusI almost fell asleep fishing in Dulang Dulang Island.After not having any catch the whole morning, I was awarded with the biggest and heaviest catch of the day.

A 600g and 550g catfish
Although I did not have any catch the whole morning, I enjoyed myself sharing fishing experiences and techniques with the members of Joran Sandakan. There were a lot of jokes and laughter. Will try to join their trip again in the future.