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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stress-Free trip in Berhala Island

Date : 08th October 2011
Time : 630am - 600pm
Location : Berhala Island
Boatman : Kim Sui
Cost : RM40/person
Went to Berhala Island today with Jepp. The weather was good and we had an enjoyable time fishing.

Members of the trip.
MyselfLike usual, Kim Sui will go to Tinosan to buy live prawns as bait for us.Some of the scenery while fishing in Berhala Island
Some of the highlights in today's trip
Reaching home at about 630pm, I grilled all the 7 tiger prawns I bought from the local fishermen at RM1 each in Tinosan.
Fishing in Berhala Island with Kim Sui is highly recommended for those who wants to use live prawns as bait.