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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pegasus 2011

Date : 11 September 2011
Time : 7.00am - 5.00pm
Location : Pegasus
Boatman : Taufu Ping
Cost : RM175 per person
Members of the trip : Myself, Donny, Bob, Ustaz Razali, Halim, Amiludin, Eric and Ah Wong

A sudden trip planned by Donny and myself. Most of the boatmen in Yacht Club were not available but we were lucky that Taufu Ping was available on that date. We had problems looking for members of the trip as Jepp, Bakry, Andrew and Jason were not free.
Taufu Ping's 400hp speed boat.
Members of the trip.
DonnyMyselfThe pictures of the other members of the trip were not taken as they sat quite far from me.
We were quite excited at the begining of the trip when Taufu Ping landed these 2.5kg and 2.3kg coral trouts.
Bob with his 3.15kg Japanese Red
Bob with his 1.35kg Red Emperor
Bob with a 1.7kg Coral Trout
Eric with his double hookup- a grouper and a red emperor.

Eric with the heaviest catch of the day. A grouper weighing around 3.8kg
Eric with a 1kg Red Emperor Fish
Ah Wong's 1.3kg GT
My heaviest catch - a grouper weighing around 500g.
Some of the scenery along the way to Pegasus.

Our catch.
The other members of the trip refused to have their photo taken as their catch was not that good compared to Bob's catch. Will plan another trip to Pegasus again next month.


Capt Rusty Hook said...

Cool Blog

cheers from Sardinia Island

Fish Whisperer said...

Looks like quality fish for the plate. Well done.