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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jipun River

Date : 8-9 December 2010
Time : 9.00pm ( 8/12/2010 ) - 3.00am ( 9/12/2010 )
Location : Jipun River
Went to Jipun River with Elysius and Reys. Using live prawn and talapia as bait. There were not that much bite but it was OK for us as all of us haven't been fishing together for quite a long time.

Reys with the first catch - a 500g sembilang.
My catch - a 250g otek. I was using a small talapia as bait.
Elysius in action with his 15feet telescopic rod.He managed to land this MJ weighing 500g
Went back home at about 3.30am. Felt tired but happy as we had grilled otek and crab before we went back home.


mayong said...

dah lama tak pegi sg jepun

tbyrodney said...

hahahaha kalau guna kereta sendiri aku pun tidak berani masuk sana.